Managing Your Digital Transformation

Develop a Hybrid Cloud strategy without compromise.

At its core, the Innovation Exchange helps organisations navigate the challenges of building and managing cloud as they transition to hybrid cloud services.

Designed to manage business demand, the Innovation Exchange provides the confidence IT needs to transition to an ‘as-a-service’ model to better align with business requirements and deliver increased agility and control.

Built on five key strategic pillars, the Innovation Exchange brings together the people, process and tools, and technology necessary to deliver and manage a hybrid cloud solution without compromise.

Innovation Exchange

Component Architecture.

Service First

Seamless IT service delivery to accelerate business outcomes including self-service and the ability to apply your policy led governance.

Hybrid Cloud Operating Model

Operationalise your multi-cloud services using Infront’s PIMO framework while developing and augmenting staff capabilities to close the innovation gap.

Modern Data Centre

Simplify and accelerate service delivery by eliminating computing silos while reducing costs through resource sharing of a network, compute and storage.

Unity Reference Architecture

Accelerate innovation with continuous delivery of digital services by auto provisioning private and public cloud services securely without compromise.

Multi-Cloud Support

Manage and control multiple cloud suppliers and services with Infront’s team of certified professionals providing a single point of accountability for service delivery.